A goat’s story: The story of a humble goat

A goat’s story: The story of a humble goat

The humble goat is a mythological creature, and yet it lives in the middle of the plains of India.

And so did a number of other animals, according to a report by The Times Of India.

It became a big deal, even if the goat is not a goat.””

When the goat was domesticated, people didn’t know much about goats, but once they learnt about them, they began to eat them.

It became a big deal, even if the goat is not a goat.”

The Times of Indian, which published the article, says the first recorded images of the goat, which lived on the outskirts of a city in the Punjab state, date back to the third century B.C. It said it has not yet been confirmed if the creature is a real goat.

The goat was hunted for meat, and was said to have been worth hundreds of thousands of rupees (around $20,000) when first described by Chinese authorities in the seventh century.

The first documented depiction of the creature was made in the 10th century by an Armenian priest.

According to the report, the animal was domestied in the 19th century and had the ability to speak, but it did not live for long.

It was eventually lost and eventually brought to India by the British.

Its first recorded mention in a historical document came from the British, who took an animal that was believed to have belonged to a king and sold it to a local priest in the 13th century.

It has been a goat since then.

“It’s a very strange story,” said Dasguptas.

“There are a lot of myths and legends around goats.

It’s hard to tell a story without having some of the animals involved.”

According to Dasguppa, the story of the humble and humble goat has been passed down from generation to generation, but its popularity is a result of the animal’s rarity.

“People are fascinated by it, and they are attracted to the idea of the wild animal.

They know that if they can get one, they can go anywhere,” he said.

The animals have survived through various periods in India, with some of them surviving into the 21st century, according the Times of Indias report.

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