How to get to Damascus goat hill overlook

How to get to Damascus goat hill overlook

Syrian goat farmers say the Damascus goat herd is struggling to find enough milk to feed their herd.

The herd is one of the last herds to be established in the capital.

The government has been pushing the herd to the hills, but with the herd facing extinction.

There are just under 200 goats in the herd, the herd’s chief executive, Mohammed Horney, said.

There’s not enough goat milk for all of them.

“There are some goats who are already dying from lack of milk,” Horney said.

“We don’t have enough goat blood to feed them.

If we don’t do this, we’re going to die.”

The goat herd faces a similar fate as the goat farming industry.

The last herd was established in 1885 and is considered the birthplace of the goat industry in the Arab world.

The country is known for its olive groves and wine grapes.

The Assad regime started selling olive oil in 1946, but it’s only in the last 15 years that it started to export goat meat.

The goat meat industry, however, is not only about the animals themselves.

There is a huge amount of meat sold as meat for cooking and food.

A goat meat recipe can cost up to $200 and can be a source of income for families.

“You need to know what you’re buying.

The cheapest price is around $10 a pound,” Houser said.

The goats are brought to Damascus from Lebanon, where they are raised for their milk.

They are fed and watered, and they are trained to eat their own milk.

The farmers who started the herd have raised goats since 2012.

They have also planted a herd of cows, but they are not allowed to graze outside.

The regime says the goats are not used for the production of meat, but instead for grazing.

“They are used for farming the land,” HOUSER said.

But the government is trying to limit the goat population to make room for a new herd of goats to be built in the hills.

The Damascus goat farm was established on July 15, 2018, and is now the only herd.

It is the first herd that has been established in Syria’s capital since the start of the Syrian uprising.

“The herd is going to be the backbone of the town and the economic base of the people,” Housseer said, “because the goats will feed the people, and also the people will help to feed the herd.”

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