Ottawa police to investigate ‘harassment’ allegations in goat-related case

Ottawa police to investigate ‘harassment’ allegations in goat-related case

Ottawa police have launched an investigation into allegations of harassment and abuse against a goat-herding guide and her companion.

The alleged incidents happened during a three-month tour of northern Ontario, according to police documents filed in court Monday.

The guide, who wished to remain anonymous, says she was sexually harassed by the guide after he suggested that she should buy goat horns.

In a complaint filed with police in March, she said she was approached by the man who claimed to be a police officer and asked for his identification.

She says the man also repeatedly asked her to remove her goatskin.

After refusing, the man told her he would report her to police.

The woman says he also threatened to kill her.

Police are investigating.

A lawyer for the guide says she’s been the victim of “a barrage of inappropriate and harassing comments” by the RCMP.

Police allege the guide made threats against her life and was accused of “perverting the course of justice.”

The complaint also alleges that a third party had been stalking the guide and asking questions about her goatskins.

The RCMP declined to comment.

The investigation was launched after the Ottawa Citizen contacted the guide’s attorney, who called the allegations “extremely troubling.”

The guide says the RCMP contacted her after her case was reported to the provincial police.

She has since filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Police say the RCMP investigation is ongoing and will be conducted with the assistance of a forensic anthropologist.

They also say they have been approached by other members of the goat-dealing community who wish to assist in the investigation.

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