What to expect when the Bogleheads open in Melbourne on March 3

What to expect when the Bogleheads open in Melbourne on March 3

The Boglehead’s opening night in Melbourne is being called the most anticipated opening night of the year and they’re already having a blast.

“It’s pretty crazy, I’m a bit surprised it’s not a big house, I thought it would be bigger,” said Bogle’s managing director, Paul S. Caughey.

The Melbourne Bogle, as it’s called, has been dubbed Melbourne’s answer to the Bovril, after the British beer giant that was founded in the Victorian capital in 1857.

It is now the third-largest beer brand in the country after Budweiser and Miller.

Owner Peter Gough, who’s also a former Queensland Premier and AFL player, said he was delighted to be able to open a brand of his own in the state.

“I’ve never been a big fan of beer, I’ve always been a wine drinker but I just wanted to make something that wasn’t watered down and made a lot of sense,” he said.

“When you’re talking about a beer brand, there’s a lot that’s important, like authenticity and being local and being Australian.”

Mr Caughews says the Melbourne Boggle will be the first brewery in the region to be sold outside Victoria, but the brand is also targeting overseas markets.

Melbourne Bogle will be brewed with a locally sourced local barley malt and imported hops to create its first ever American barley beer.

Its new brews will also be sourced from Australian-owned craft brewers such as Stone, Brewdog, Hopworks and Victory, who will also have their own barley malt in the Melbourne brew.

Mr Caughhey said they would be the last brewery in Australia to open in the same location in Melbourne.

He said it was important to keep Melbourne Boggies local and focused on the local community, as he did in Brisbane.

Mr Coughhey said Melbourne Bogies goal was to be “a local, local, locally owned brewery, a local brewery that is focused on community”.

“We want to build a brewery that’s locally owned and localised so that we have the same opportunity to grow locally and internationally,” he told News.au.

When Melbourne Bogs first opened in Brisbane they made a small batch of 10 million litres of beer before it was sold out.

A new Melbourne Bogue will be brewing at a new facility in Brisbane, the brewery is expected to open at a later date.

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