When does ‘baby goat’ go viral?

When does ‘baby goat’ go viral?

Posted January 31, 2019 09:06:11 When does “baby goat” go viral ?

The phrase “baby goats and soda” was trending on Twitter last week and it quickly became a viral sensation.

On the same day, a viral YouTube video appeared of a baby goat licking its mother’s soda in a bathroom.

“Baby goats and water” was the title of a Facebook post that said “you need to get your goats out of the water”.

“This video is a real lifesaver for many people, as goats are the only animals in the world that can drink water,” said the post.

The video was shared thousands of times on social media, but not everyone was convinced it was real.

In a comment section on the Facebook post, a user said: “I think the video is fake and people are being fooled by it.

They are using the video as a marketing ploy to get people to buy baby goats.”

Others were more skeptical, with one commenting: “How do you know it is not a video of a goat?”

There was no evidence that the video was filmed in an actual water tank, so the goat’s owners did not know the goats were in the water when the video came out.

However, the owners of the video did know that the goat was in the tank, and they tried to calm her down, even holding a bucket of water over the goat to make it calm down.

But the owner of the goat said the video had caused “huge controversy”.

He said the goat has never been in the pool, and had never had the goat drink any water.

He claimed the goats owners did know the goat had a colostomy bag in the bathroom, but that the bag was broken when she was younger.

While the goat does have colostomies, he said the goats owner had never tried them before.

Another user said the owners should take a lesson from other videos of goats and people having a good time while in water, which they have seen.

Others said the image of the goats in the video reminded them of “Baby Jesus” from the movie The Passion of the Christ.

People were also sharing the image on Instagram and Twitter and commented on it, saying: “This goat is adorable, I’m not sure if it’s a real goat or a goat app.

It’s cute that you can see a baby in the picture, but I have to wonder if they really think they are cute?”

“You’re supposed to be caring for them, and you’re supposed do all that is normal and natural,” one woman told CNN.

Other people suggested that the picture could have been a hoax, and that the owner should get a refund.

One user said it was the “worst goat photo ever”.

“I don’t think it’s cute,” another commented.

“If it was a real baby goat, she’d be soooooo cute.” ABC/wires

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