Why is there no goat in school?

Why is there no goat in school?

A goat, it seems, is not only not in school.

And it is not just that there are no goats in this country, but that it is considered a nuisance, said Mr. D’Entremont, who is the principal of a public school in the municipality of St-Georges-de-Pauvreux, in central Quebec.

The problem with goats, Mr. Descartes said, is that they eat our children and eat our food.

“They are the only animals that we have in our schools,” he said.

In a letter addressed to the headmaster of the school, Mr Descartez urged him to keep an eye on the goats.

“They have to be separated from our children,” he wrote.

This is not a school, he said, it is a zoo.

“And it is an animal which is not fit for human beings.”

Mr. Desartes also pointed out that he is not the only school administrator to be critical of the goats in his jurisdiction.

He said he had received calls from the heads of other public schools across the province, asking him to take the goats out.

Mr. D’terns said he has been informed by several other school administrators that they have already had the goats removed, but they are also refusing to comply with the Quebec government’s orders.

What’s the deal?

In its letter to the school superintendent, the Quebec Ministry of Education said that, although the goat was removed, the goat could be allowed to live there as long as the students are given adequate space to play with the goats, the school and the goat’s owner.

At the same time, the ministry said it is “monitoring the situation in schools and public facilities in the province to see if there is a risk of any additional disruption to the normal activities of the students.”

“The ministry is monitoring the situation with the government of Quebec and its partners to ensure the appropriate and appropriate measures are taken in order to preserve the educational and cultural environment in which these children have their special education and to ensure their safety,” the letter said.

But in a letter to The Globe and Mail, Mr D’Encontre said the goats have been living in the school’s fenced-in area for a month, and the school is trying to ensure they stay there.

The goat is allowed to wander around and graze on the ground, but it’s prohibited from doing anything with the school or its students, said the school principal.

“There is no goat, no goat can be brought in,” Mr. Daoust said.

“It is like an animal on the road, but you can’t walk on it.”

He said that the school has been using the goat as a scapegoat to try and distract attention from its problem with the animals.

The goats, he added, have caused “great pain to many people.”

And while the goat is the goat, he explained, the goats are the main problem, and it is the goats that caused all the problems.

I think there is no way in hell that the goat will be brought back, he wrote, and he was not referring to the goat that the minister was referring to.

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