How to say “goat” to your kids

How to say “goat” to your kids

Goats are adorable, and if you have kids, you may be in luck: A new app from Google has a cute little app for kids called “Goat Pups.”

The app is a cute way for kids to introduce goats to their parents.

It comes with a cute goat statue and a goat plushy that you can pick up to bring to your kid’s birthday party or birthday party, or put in a backpack and take home to give to someone else.

“Kids love goats, so the app really taps into that love for animals and animals’ companionship,” the developers wrote on their blog.

“We hope that the app will inspire kids to get more involved in nature and share their love for the creatures.”

According to Google, goats can be found on the continent of Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe.

The app features a variety of animals to help kids introduce them to the animals and the natural world.

For example, if you take a trip to the Amazon, the app offers a goat to help you navigate the jungle and take pictures of animals.

The goat can also be used to give the kids a taste of the Amazon jungle.

Google’s app also includes an “app” called “Hats” that features adorable goat dolls.

It has a few cute animal characters like a goat, a goat’s head, and a dog, and it also has a selection of different goats and goats in different states of play.

Kids can also get more hands-on with the goats in “Moms’ Goats,” which is part of the Google app.

The feature lets kids create their own goat sculptures using their smartphone.

You can then use the sculptures to decorate a home or a car, or take photos of the goats.

The app also features a fun activity that encourages kids to have fun with goats.

“If you’re interested in creating a cute animal character for your kids, check out the goats app and go wild with it,” the Google developers wrote.

“Then share it with your friends and ask them to join in on the fun.

Your kids will thank you later.”

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