Steelers QB Aaron Rodgers ‘furious’ over Eagles’ new rule banning two-headed goats

Steelers QB Aaron Rodgers ‘furious’ over Eagles’ new rule banning two-headed goats

A new rule by the Philadelphia Eagles that forbids players from bringing in two-legged goats to games has the Steelers quarterback in hot water.

The Steelers are the only NFL team to have ruled this out, but Rodgers did have his two-tailed goat, Lola, on his flight home from Saturday’s preseason game with the Philadelphia Giants.

Rodgers was in Philadelphia when the Eagles introduced the new rule and was upset by it.

“We have no interest in having two-footed people in our stadium, and I’m very upset about it,” Rodgers said.

“I know the rules of the game, and it’s just a really dumb rule.

You could see it from their perspective, but they have no right to have it.

It’s totally stupid.”

The NFL has issued a statement saying the rule is not intended to limit the ability of players to interact with the animal.

“The rule in question does not have a prohibition against two-sided animals in stadiums,” the league said.

“As we explained earlier this week, the rules do not prohibit two-footed animals from entering a stadium.”

The Steelers released a statement Thursday night that said the rule does not apply to players and the team did not want to “mislabel” it.

The NFL said it was working with the Eagles and their team doctor to determine how to deal with the situation.

“After consultation with our medical team, we have determined that this is not a situation that should be allowed at any time,” the statement read.

“It is important to note that we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

We will do everything we can to ensure this does not happen again.”

Rodgers said he was still “totally surprised” by the rule, and he has a lot of respect for the Giants.

“I think it’s really dumb.

They are a really good team,” Rodgers told reporters.

“The Giants are a good team, and they do have two-handed animals.

I know that.

I don’t know that I have any problem with them having two feet, but you can’t just take two legs into a stadium and make it illegal.

It doesn’t make sense.”

The Eagles had already banned the use of two-legs in the stadium and a new rule in the NFL will prohibit the two-horse and two-headed goat.

The Giants, meanwhile, said Thursday that the Eagles did not follow the rules.

“Giants safety and security officials were in Philadelphia during the game and observed the use by a number of players of two feet and two heads, including a goat, and did not see any animal or player engage in the conduct that resulted in the ban,” the team said in a statement.

“We are aware of this rule and are working closely with our league partners to address it.”

The Packers are not in Philadelphia.

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