What does the term ‘snowflake’ mean? Here’s a guide

What does the term ‘snowflake’ mean? Here’s a guide

I love snowflakes.

They’re just so adorable, and I love that they exist.

They’ve been my friends for decades, and the ones that have been the most supportive of me, have been my best friends.

The other day I was talking to a friend about this snowflake phenomenon.

She said, “Snowflakes are a new thing, right?”

I’m like, “What new thing?”

And she said, “…because it’s just so cute.”

And I’m thinking, “How does that even work?”

I think that’s a pretty good example of what we’re trying to do.

What is snowflake?

I know, I know.

It’s a lot of words and symbols.

What are they?

Let’s talk about them.

What does a snowflake look like?

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous.

The first thing that comes to mind is a snow globe.

It is just a snowball that’s on a flat surface.

I think it’s kind of like the shape of a bowl.

A bowl, I mean, that’s cool.

You can make a snowglobe out of a cookie.

I guess it’s like a snowman.

What about the other things?

They can be a snowboard, a snow hat, a snowball, a blanket, a sweater, a coat, a jacket, a shirt, or a hat.

They can also be the head of a snowbird, a mountain lion, or an antelope.

So that’s pretty much it.

What do you do with them?

They’re your friends.

They hang out.

They make sure you’re safe.

They help you get home.

They even help you to do the dishes.

They love to be around you.

They don’t want to leave you.

How do you keep them safe?

It’s not really easy.

You have to make sure they’re okay.

You’re kind of afraid of them.

You know, when I first met them, they were kind of timid.

And then one day I went and told them, “Hi, snowflake.

How you doing?”

And they said, like, yes, I am, and they’re like, thank you.

You really made my day.

What else are they supposed to be?

They don,t want to hurt you.

And that’s the thing.

They,re not a threat.

They want to be friends.

But that doesn’t mean they want to kill you.

If they’re,re trying to be nice, they don’t know how to do that.

So, that was the first thing.

Then I got to the second thing.

What can I do to keep them from hurting you?

I think the first part of it is just, it has to be a good thing.

And the second part is to just, make sure it’s not going to be violent.

It has to, at least, be something that, you know, you don’t really need to do anything about.

And I think sometimes when people are in this place where they’re just, they’re not willing to be involved, then they don,re really not going anywhere.

And so it’s hard to make it a thing.

But I think you have to, you have the responsibility.

If you’re not, then you can’t be in the snow.

So I think what people need to realize is, if it’s something that’s really just something that you want to do, but that you don,ve the resources to do it, then that, at the very least, is a reason for you to, maybe, not do it.

I know that I don’t have the resources for this.

So what can I say to, say, a family member who’s really not a big fan of it?

Or even someone who just doesn’t know that it exists?

Or a friend of mine who has never really been to a snowfest, or to a party that I haven’t been to.

That, to me, that just means that they,re probably going to not be the best person to,you know, share it with.

It means that, maybe they have this other thing that they really, really want to share with, but it’s a little hard for them to share that.

If it’s someone who, they might want to, but they don?t know how, then, maybe that’s just a good reason not to share it.

That is, a reason not only to not do this, but maybe, to do something about it.

Because you know what?

You might, like a lot, be able to help.

And maybe it,s just something to talk about, you?re not, you, know, it’s, you could, you are, you can, you might, you just, you and, you want.

So you know.

What, are you going to, like the other thing?

It?s the other

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