How to avoid goat meat scandal in Australia

How to avoid goat meat scandal in Australia

A Queensland man was forced to give up his goat for the rest of his life after his mother and her family became concerned about the welfare of the animal.

Key points:Police said a woman had complained to the animal welfare authorities about the goat being in a bad state for a whileAfter an investigation, they found the animal had a chronic infection and was in “a very bad state”A Queensland man has been charged with cruelty to animals after he allegedly refused to slaughter his goat after a complaint from his mother-in-law.

Key Points:Police say a woman’s complaint led to a man giving up his herd of 10 goats in the city of WollongongPolice said the woman’s complaints led to the goat’s care being transferred to a slaughterhouseThe animal welfare department was alerted to the matter after the woman made a complaint about the animal’s condition, Queensland Police said.

“We were advised by the animal care facility to notify the animal health department and they advised us of the goat,” Queensland police said in a statement.

“It is alleged the woman had a complaint that the goat was in a very bad condition, was in terrible pain and was suffering from chronic infection.”

Animal welfare officers found the goat in a deplorable condition and contacted animal control to investigate.

The woman and her husband were concerned about her goat’s welfare and moved it to the Wollangong slaughterhouse.

“They were concerned that the animal would not be well cared for and that there was an underlying medical issue,” the statement said.

The police statement said police found the woman did not have a proper permit to keep the goat and was aware that it was not a wild animal.

“In the absence of a permit, the goat had to be killed,” the police statement read.

“As the animal was a wild goat, the person who killed it did not obtain the necessary permit.”

The animal was then transported to the local processing facility where the goat carcass was taken to be disposed of.

“The man has now been charged under the Animal Welfare Act with failing to comply with the welfare requirements of the Welfare Act.

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