How to fuck goats

How to fuck goats

A goat fucker, who loves to rub his hairy, wiry body against his goats’ backs, has been accused of having sex with several goats in an apparent attempt to get them to stop.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was charged with animal cruelty after he was spotted by animal welfare officers near the family farm in the South Wales town of Llanelli, south Wales, in January.

Animal welfare officers discovered a goat with a broken tail and its genitals exposed in the yard.

The owner of the farm, who has not been named for the legal reasons of his case, told The Welsh News: “I thought he might be playing a joke on us.”

I’m quite sure that when he got his goat up there I could have stopped him and taken it away, but I’m not quite sure what happened afterwards.

“He is a very intelligent goat and knows he’s not supposed to be doing it, but he does it anyway.”‘

A bit weird’It is alleged the goat was tied up with ropes and that the animal was given medication to stop its convulsions.

Police were called to the farm shortly afterwards after noticing a goat’s head on the ground, which the animal had been repeatedly stomping around.

The goat’s owner said: “We were quite amazed at how long it took the animal to stop doing this.”

It is a bit weird that it has gone and bit a goat and its a bit strange that it is still going round there.

“The man was eventually arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty.”

The goat is not a very strong animal, but we have given it medication to make it stop,” he said.

The farm is owned by his father, who owns a nearby dairy.

Animal rights groups have criticised the farm’s owners for not taking the goat to the vet for treatment, and have described the alleged incident as an “outrageous” case of animal abuse.

The Wales Independent has contacted the owners of the goats involved for comment.

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