How to pronounce goat emoji

How to pronounce goat emoji

Auckland’s capital city of Auckland has a goat emoji that’s getting more attention for its resemblance to a city goat.

The goat emoji was created by Kiwi artist and musician Aussie artist Andrew Masell and is now available in the city’s Unicode 5.1 Unicode 5 emoji font.

Masell says the image was inspired by his grandmother’s hometown of Tauranga.

“I had an image of her and I just had this image in my head of her coming back from Taurangi,” he told ABC Radio New Zealand.

“[I was] just inspired by the people who live in that place and the place they grew up in and the people they knew.

I had this idea of an Auckland goat.”

The goat in the image, the symbol of the city, it’s very much about that city and the way it was.

“Macell says he originally drew the image using a series of coloured pen strokes.

He says he was inspired to use goat’s ears and horns for a more “emotional” image.

He added: “It was the same for the other parts of the image.

It’s a very emotional image.

“It’s a fitting image for Auckland, which is famous for its goat mascot, Auckland Sheep, who is known for his affectionate nature.

Other cities have goat emojis, including Toronto, which also has a unique logo for its local goat.

But Auckland’s goat emoji has become a meme.

Auckland City Council issued a statement about the goat emoji’s use on social media, saying the image has been widely shared and retweeted, which “has no impact on the official use of the logo”.

A spokesperson for the council says it is aware of the controversy surrounding the goat image, and is looking into the issue.

More to come.

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