I pet my goats and they love me!

I pet my goats and they love me!

I petted my goats at the zoo in New York City, and now I’m trying to get my kids to do the same.

The kids at my home have had a lot of adventures, but they’re only starting to get into it now.

We have three goats, a little one named Ruby and a few smaller ones, which are my only pets.

I love watching them grow, especially the little ones, who are just as cute as their bigger cousins.

So, I’m getting ready to go to the zoo this weekend.

My son and I have a lot in common and we’re just trying to make a big splash together.

I’ve already seen my kids climb trees, and I’ve watched Ruby go up a tree.

But we’ve also seen our kids climb up trees.

So now we’re getting a little bit more into the animal kingdom.

I also noticed my daughter was getting bigger.

She’s already a bit of a cat person.

We’ve always been into cat toys, so when she started climbing trees we wanted to make sure she was the only one around.

But I’m a bit hesitant because Ruby and I are still in diapers, so we’ve got a lot to learn about it.

If we can teach them the right way, it’ll be a big help in our everyday lives.

The first thing to do is teach them to pick their own toys.

My daughter Ruby has started climbing tree after tree, even though I’ve only been with her for a few days.

We’re also working on getting Ruby to go down a tree at least once a day, so she can learn to jump on things.

That’s really important.

So far, she’s learning to pick her own toys and not use any other kids toys.

I have another big goat with me, so I’m teaching her to climb trees and not just climb the tree.

I can tell Ruby’s starting to like climbing trees.

She’ll climb a tree just by looking at it, and she’ll go up and down it, but I have to watch her closely because she likes to jump up and get to the next branch.

When Ruby’s doing this, she will be like, “I can climb all the way up here.”

So now I have some extra toys for her, and if she gets too big for me, I’ll put her down and let her grow her own little pile of rocks.

But right now, I don’t have the time to do that.

But in the future, Ruby can jump all the time on the trees and I can take her up to the top.

It will be great for us.

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