What happens when the goats at Fainting Goat winery and goat squishmallows are so good, you can’t stop eating them?

What happens when the goats at Fainting Goat winery and goat squishmallows are so good, you can’t stop eating them?

Goat Hill overlook is one of a few wineries in Colorado that have gone vegan in the past.

Fainting, the winery owner and owner of the Fainty Goat wineries, is a huge supporter of the animal welfare movement and has made the decision to eliminate animal testing.

The company has announced that it will no longer perform animal testing for the products it produces, which include goat squishes, goat hill and goat-topped sundae.

“We don’t want to be a place where people think they’re going to get a free goat,” Fainter said.

In a statement, Fainters wife, Ann Faintery, said, “Our family has been vegan for many years and we have no plans to use any animal testing in the future.”

It’s not the first time that Faints decision to go vegan has raised eyebrows in the industry.

Last year, Foulard-Fainter announced plans to switch to 100 percent goat milk production.

The decision, however, came after an investigation by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office revealed that Foulards goats are fed raw milk for about six months, and Fouls goat milk is not tested for animal welfare violations.

The company also sells goat cheese, goat butter, goat cream and goat butterballs, and in the last year, they’ve expanded their goat cheese offerings.

This isn’t the first year that Fains vegan options have been challenged.

Last fall, Fains announced plans for a vegan ice cream company, which they later backed out of due to growing public backlash.

The Colorado Department of Revenue also announced a ban on goat-shaped ice cream bars and cheese plates.

A spokesperson for the Fains spokesperson said, in a statement to Business Insider, that Fares policies are designed to be flexible, and are based on the animal testing of its ingredients.

“We continue to work with our suppliers to develop new products and we are constantly testing products and products we may make in the next year or two,” said the spokesperson.

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