‘Horse-faced’ goat farmer ‘thrusting a carrot in his face’

‘Horse-faced’ goat farmer ‘thrusting a carrot in his face’

Goat farmer Nathan Dufour was handed a two-month suspended sentence on Friday for threatening a neighbour who refused to allow him to milk his goats.

The former Toronto city councillor is the first Toronto councillor convicted of the offence since the death of Mike Duffy.

“I’m very sorry for what I’ve done to my neighbour,” Dufours lawyer Patrick Brown told the court.

“He’s a man of great integrity and is a man I respect.”

Brown said Dufoured, who is black, is an anti-racism activist who does not believe in violence and has a “moral duty” to protect his animals.

“The only way you can put yourself in danger is to use violence,” Brown said.

“Mr. Dufoutres a man who is passionate about the protection of his animals.”

The former councillor is facing a maximum sentence of 12 months in jail for the assault on his neighbour.

In his sentencing, Judge Richard Furlong described Dufouts behaviour as “cowardly” and “tasteless.”

He said Duchoutres behaviour has no place in a community.

“We cannot tolerate behaviour like this,” Furlung said.

Duchouts sentencing follows a similar one handed down to former Coun.

Jim Karygiannis in June for threatening to blow up the roof of a former colleague’s house.

The judge sentenced Karygies lawyer, John Tkachuk, to two months in custody for the threat.

The case against Dufrets neighbour came to light after a neighbour contacted police, who said he had threatened Dufans goats, which he owned.

Duffouts neighbours were angry about the neighbour’s behaviour and said they wanted to “put a stop to it.”

Brown described the neighbour as a “bully” and a “goat-throwing coward.”

Dufres lawyer said his client is in a “very strong position” after the case against him.

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