How to make a goat hay feeders and how to use them

How to make a goat hay feeders and how to use them

Goat hay is a staple of many diets.

It is also commonly used as a protein supplement and as a fertilizer.

The goats feeder is a small, square-shaped wooden box with a handle that fits over the top of the box to feed the goats.

This is the perfect way to feed your goats and they can take it home and use it to feed their children.

How to Make a Goat Hay Feeder 1.

Remove all the plastic containers that are used to keep the feeders clean.


Cut off the sides and the bottom of the wooden box.


Place the feeder on a shelf and set the top aside.


Fold the bottom over and cut it in half.


Set the top over the cardboard.


Fold over the sides.


Set aside.


Cut out the sides of the feeds and set aside.


Place a towel or paper towel in the bottom.


Set this aside.


Fold down the top and set it aside.


Cut two pieces of cardboard to make two holes.


Fold a piece of paper towel into the middle of the paper towel to make an opening.


Set it aside to dry.


Fold and put one side down over the other.


Fold out the cardboard and set on the table to dry completely.


Set up the goat hay and let it dry completely on the ground.


Put the goat feeder in a sunny spot and let the goats out to graze for a few days.


The goat hay is ready for feeding and the feed is ready to be used as fertilizer.

10 Ways to Make Your Own Goat Hay Farm: 1.

Make a goat feeders in your garage 2.

Make your own goat hay fertilizer in your backyard 3.

Buy goat hay at a farm store 4.

Make goats hay at home 5.

Make hay at the grocery store 6.

Make goat hay from scratch with the help of your children.


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