How to tell if your goat has tuberculosis

How to tell if your goat has tuberculosis

The disease affects a goat’s immune system and can cause the animal to show symptoms including high fever and vomiting.

Goat farmers are concerned about their health, as well as the herd.

So, in recent years, they’ve been pushing back to get more people vaccinated.

“I think it’s a very dangerous disease,” said Robert Bauch, president of the Western States Livestock Association, a nonprofit advocacy group.

“The problem with it is, is there’s a lot of misinformation out there, a lot that’s out there that doesn’t really support what we’re trying to do.”

Bauch said the herd is growing, but not fast enough to stop the disease.

He said the state should be vaccinating goats in all other areas where they roam, including on public land.

“The goat population in Western Washington is already quite high,” Bauchan said.

“It’s just that they’re growing so fast that we’re not catching it.

We’re not vaccinating all of them, but we are vaccinating them.”

There are a handful of ways to know whether your goat is infected with tuberculosis.

Bauches says it’s best to do your own testing.

You’ll need to do a goat check-up and a stool sample, which will test for the bacteria.

You’ll also need to send your goat’s stool back to the lab.

If your goat hasn’t responded to the vaccination, he or she is at risk for getting the disease in the future.

Tuberculosis bacteria: Symptoms of tuberculosis include high fever, cough, red and swollen lymph nodes, and muscle aches.

The disease can cause diarrhea, muscle pain, and weakness.

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