Raw goat horns could save lives in South Africa

Raw goat horns could save lives in South Africa

Raw goat horn could save people’s lives in Africa’s second largest city, according to new research that suggests people who consume goat horns can prevent a fatal infection from the disease.

Researchers from the University of Cape Town and the University at Pretoria found that the same compounds found in raw goat horns also work as a vaccine.

“This is a first study in which we have shown that the medicinal properties of raw goat horn can protect people against bacterial pneumonia,” said Dr. Jorgen van den Berg, lead author of the paper published in the journal Nature.

“A similar mechanism is also known to protect people from infection with coronavirus.”

Dr. van den Bergh added that the study’s findings could lead to new medicines for those who suffer from coronaviruses like COVID-19.

“We are already seeing new treatments that work by targeting these compounds that are very similar to those that are produced by goat horns,” he said.

“These compounds have already been used in clinical trials to treat people with COVID, but they are not as effective for prevention.”

The study involved more than 1,000 people from both South Africa and the United States.

The researchers used a genetic algorithm to identify the compounds that the animals had consumed, and then matched them with the proteins and compounds found on human skin.

They then looked at how these compounds might affect human immunity, as well as the number of infections a person is likely to get in the first place.

“It is important to note that our results are preliminary and are not conclusive, but it is very encouraging that these compounds can be used to protect the immune system against infection,” Dr. van der Berg said.

“Our study is a reminder that we must continue to study goat horns for their medicinal properties, and that there are many therapeutic possibilities that are still to be discovered.”

The findings are important for people who have not previously benefited from goat horns, as goat horns contain similar proteins to human proteins.

Dr. John Cusack, co-author of the study, said it is a major advancement that this research could be translated to the larger community.

“The combination of the peptides in raw or pasteurized goat horns is not only more effective than traditional preparations, but is also very easy to produce and can be produced in a lab,” Dr Cusacks said.”[Raw goat horn] has been used as a traditional medicine for centuries.

It is a compound that can protect against many diseases and illnesses, and is a very potent one in comparison to many conventional preparations.””

The fact that we can produce these materials is a huge advantage.”

The researchers believe that these new compounds could be used in the field to treat many other infections, including bacterial pneumonia and tuberculosis.

“In order to reduce the number and severity of infection in the community, we need to look at many other possible uses for goat horns that may also include prevention of COVIDs,” Dr van den Brug said.

For more on coronaviral disease, visit: coronavviruses.net

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