When a goat boy dies, the world is left wondering

When a goat boy dies, the world is left wondering

FourFourtwo – goat boys are just that.

They are not normal children.

They die, their parents are grieving and the world, and everyone around them, is wondering.

And they’re just goats.

The goat boy phenomenon has swept across the globe and, by some estimates, it is now a global phenomenon.

In the UK, there are more than 30,000 goats.

In China, there have been more than 1.5 million goats killed in the past decade.

And in India, there were more than 4 million goats slaughtered in the last year alone.

It’s been a rough year for goat farms in the UK.

The government has ordered slaughter of the animals at the end of June, but it has also announced plans to ban the export of goat milk.

The UK’s government, which controls the export and import of milk from cows, is set to make a decision on whether or not to ban exports of goat’s milk from May 22.

The government said it will consider its position on the import of goat product from the EU in the event that the export ban is not lifted by May 22 and exports continue.

What is goat milk?

It is a milk produced by cows, not by goats, but milk made from goat’s hair.

The milk has a high concentration of the protein and fat which help keep the cow alive.

The goat hair is used as a lubricant for the cow’s anus.

In India, goat hair can be sold for a high price, although it’s not commonly used.

The country where goats are bred to produce milk is the United States, but in India the practice is far more widespread.

The dairy industry in India has also seen a surge in the number of goat farms, with more than 70,000 goat farms operating in the country.

In the UK and other parts of Europe, there has been an influx of young, wealthy farmers who want to start goat farming.

In Britain, the number has tripled in the four years since the government banned goat exports.

In some countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom, the sale of goat and sheep is banned.

But in the US, the goat is still a major export.

In 2016, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) banned the export, import and processing of goat, sheep, goat milk and goat meat from the United Nations, but the ban did not stop imports from the US.

It is thought that exports to China are increasing, and there are fears that exports could be banned in Australia and New Zealand.

According to the International Livestock Organisation, the majority of goat exports are to the European Union (EU), followed by Japan and South Korea.

The UK, Germany and France have the highest numbers of goats.

It seems that the world will have to wait until May 22 to see if the export bans are lifted.

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